About Belly Dancer

About Belly Dancer


About Lior

Lior is an Israeli who has lived in different countries for nearly 9 years. She lived in Japan for 3 and half years, studied Japanese Calligraphy and Chinese Ink Paintings, and later on, moved to Thailand where she self published a book on hand made organic cosmetics.

For the past few years she lived and studied in Brighton, England.

Lior has enjoyed dancing from an early age. In school she studied classical and modern ballet for 4 years and explored different types of dance.

The first meeting

Her first experience with belly dancing took place on one of her visits to Israel when a friend recommended she should join a belly dance workshop. Lior got curious, joined the class and dances since!

Lior studied with Orit Maftsir in Israel and then returned to England, where she took classes with Egyptian dancer and teacher Khaled Mahmud.

In England Lior performed at dance festivals, parties, business events and taught groups in a dance school in Brighton.

First prize in the belly dance competition

In January 2006 Lior took part in the yearly Belly Dance Festival in Eilat, Israel. Lior won first prize in the dance competition performing original choreography to Yamsper Wachdak by Mohammed Abdel Wahb. ליאור בר זוכה בפסיטבל אילת למחול מזרחי

In April 2006, Lior moved back to live in Israel. Today she lives in Tel-Aviv, teaches groups in different parts of the country and performs at festivals, weddings, Henna ceremonies, private parties and prestigious events of various organizations and companies.